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Re: Cannot open /proc/xxx?

>>>>> "Juergen" == Juergen Kreileder <kreilede@LS5.cs.uni-dortmund.de> writes:
    Juergen> (which are not available as debian packages currently).

jdk1.1-1.1.8v1 just hit the archives for both frozen & unstable.

    Juergen> As for 1.2.2, is there any interest to get J2SE into
    Juergen> Debian?  Sun is thinking about giving non-commercial
    Juergen> Linux distributions a special license for redistributing
    Juergen> J2SE.  It still would be non-free but I think it would be
    Juergen> a better solution than installer packages.

I'm quite willing to package it but after being dragged over the coals
for the 1.1 licence terms (specifically the lack of redistribution),
I've been waiting for a better licence for 1.2 before bothering.

I posted to the blackdown jdk-1.2-porting about this some time ago,
Juergen, and got nothing but silence in response.


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