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Fwd: libgcj / Classpath relicensing and cooperation

I think it is an important announce for Free Java. No date given for release, 

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Subject: libgcj / Classpath relicensing and cooperation
Reply-To: tromey@cygnus.com
From: Tom Tromey <tromey@cygnus.com>
Date: 06 Mar 2000 14:49:09 -0700
Message-ID: <87wvnf7oru.fsf@cygnus.com>

We're pleased to announce the relicensing of libgcj and Classpath.
The new license, which will apply to all parts of both projects (with
the exception of the AWT implementation in Classpath) will be the GPL,
plus a special exception which allows its use in non-GPL applications.
Ownership of libgcj will be assigned to the FSF.

We intend to merge the libgcj and Classpath class libraries, choosing
the best implementation of each class.  In the end, libgcj will use
Classpath (without AWT) as an upstream source for its class libraries.

     - The libgcj and Classpath hackers

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