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xterm fonts (Re: (comp) fbiterm and Japanese (and French...))

It looks like I have a working multilingual basic system now. The system runs on Lenny with Fluxbox as the window manager.

I am still not sure how to use SCIM to use prefix input for French in xterm but that can wait a little bit.

Now, I am looking for a way to set fonts in xterm.

My current xterm works well but the 2 problems I have with it are the small size and the lack of antialiasing, which is especially true for the Japanese fonts. The launch setting seems to be "-u8 -fn fixed" but I am not sure.

I have tried a few methods documented on the web but none produced a satisfying result.

1) I tried the method documented on the Momonga page:

I could not find any difference with the current setting.

2) I tried to start xterm with "-fa monospace" but the font size was way too big and did not support Japanese, the anti-aliasing was nice though.

3) I tried "-fa fixed -fs n" with various values for n but I lost Japanese support and the antialiasing was not very good.

Any idea how I can set a font size for a font that will support both French and Japanese as well as antialiasing ?

Jean-Christophe Helary
fun: mac4translators.blogspot.com
work: www.doublet.jp (ja/en > fr)
tweets: @brandelune

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