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Re: How to make Japanese Input on Debian testing work?

On Fri, Nov 17, 2006 at 01:26:14AM +0900, Dietrich Bollmann wrote:
> >
> >>>>I had a similar problem with firefox and thunderbird, until one
> >>>>explained me that some crucial environment variables were needed:
> >>>>
> >>>>GTK_IM_MODULE=uim ; export GTK_IM_MODULE
> >>>>QT_IM_MODULE=uim ; export QT_IM_MODULE
> >>>>XMODIFIERS=@im=uim ; export XMODIFIERS
> >>>>        
> >
> >Well this is what I initially thought.  But SCIM packager told me
> >otherwise.  Just last one is enough with GTK_IM_MODULE=xim
> >and QT_IM_MODULE=xim.  Which will be likely to cause less trouble.
> >  
> Hi Osamu,
> in which file do you put these three lines?
> I tried .gnomerc - but this seems to be not used anymore.
> And I read that the .bashrc is the wrong place to use...

Well the easiest way is do not do it.  Let im-switch take care of these
for you.

Use im-switch, uim-anthy, and uim.  There are very detaild explanation.

If README.Debian of these files differ, listen to uim one instead of
im-switch.  It needs updates.

> by the way - do you know how I can hide my email from the list??

NO.  That is life.  If you hate SPAM and do not want to do your own spam
filter like me.  Use free ISP like gmail.com.  They give you POP3 free
account.  (I can send you an account.)

> >First, im-switch package (which I am part of it.) is good start.
> >Then I recommend scim-anthy for Japanese.
> >
> >If you also want to have traditional encoding terminals, m17n-env
> >package may help.
> >
> >If your primary language is not Japanese, you probably want to keep
> >display (or default locale) other than Japanese.  
> >
> >scim and im-switch package comes with ample discussion on how to do it.

Well you are uim guy.   Still im-switchy is the way.

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