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Re: Japanese input

> I tried running 'uim-toolbar-gtk-systray' from the command line, but I
> don't see anything happening (i.e., something in the tray, etc.).  It'd
> be nice to get some indication (somewhere) that I've entered Japanese
> input mode.

You should see an 'a', and when you switch into Japanese it should change to 
’あ’. Running the GTK systray has issues here, for instance when activate UIM; 
Instead of doing as I described.. it disappears. Maybe it doesn't like 
running in the KDE system tray? Have you tried the standalone GTK switcher? 

After reinstalling my laptop (don't buy anything made by Fujitsu-Siemens..) I 
noticed that SCIM/m17n actually comes with a setup script to configure your X 
environment. So, If all else fails you could try SCIM again. ^_^



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