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Re: Japanese input

On Tue, Jun 28, 2005 at 10:16:08AM +0100, Daniel Palmer wrote:

> > I tried getting SCIM working w/o luck though.  I've never used UIM
> > before.  It seems to work fine, but I wish it had some kind of
> > notification when I've entered Japanese input mode.  Am I missing
> > something?  SCIM has a nice bar that shows up as soon as you Shift-space.

> For Gnome there is uim-applet-gnome, and for KDE there is uim-kdehelper.

> uim-kdehelper isn't in debian but you can use the repository below;
> deb http://everybody.good-day.net/~ikuya/debian/sarge/uim-kdehelper ./

> uim-kdehelper is pretty simple, and not as polished as SCIM's input applet, 
> but works all the same. (^_^)

There's also a tray version, the name of which escapes me, if you're using
neither KDE nor Gnome. uim-<tab><tab> is how I find them under bash. ^_^

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