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Re: Japanese support in mutt / KDE and debian in general

On Mon, Jul 12, 2004 at 10:11:43AM +0200, Guillaume Estival wrote :
> set-language-env is a wonderful script but can't cope
> with japanese beginners users. I've done a small web
> page to know how to set up an english japanese capable
> debian system:
> http://dspnet.fr.eu.org/~lonewolf/LinuxJapan/
> Feel free to report piece of advice for improving the
> document, it will be welcome.

	Hi, thank you all for the advices, I am now able to type
japanese caracters. Basically, I have followed all the steps described
in Guillaume's document. I will try to make a french summary, as I am
not sure there is one available...

I have now a new question :

	The display of the proposed kanjis in the dialog box is quite
ugly, compared to what they look like in the gnome-terminal (in which
I can't activate kana).

How can the input display be improved (at least in size)? What are you
using for your daily usage?


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