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Re: [Debian Woody 3.0r2] Direct japanese text/mozilla printing will fail

>>>>> "Guillaume" == Guillaume Estival <lonewolf@dspnet.fr.eu.org> writes:

> I've done some various searchs and found out a2psj to convert text
> files into PostScript files. The resulted PS file will be correctly
> displayed in gv, but the printing is still "us-ascii" like. And I've
> never found out why.  Searching more and more over the web, I found
> ps2pdf, which convert a PS file info a PDF one. And loading it through
> Acrobat reader (Linux version), you can print it and - magic - it
> works!

I have some experience with the topic, although I still don't understand
much of PostScript fonts and specifically about the Debian font
managment.  When converting a text file to PostSript (I'm using e2ps),
the resulting PostScript file will have references to the japanese fonts
(font-names) embedded.  AFAIK those references will refer to japanese
PostScript fonts that are standard on japanese PostScript printers.  If
you have the correct fonts installed, the PostScript interpreter `gs'
(which is used by gv) will be able to handle those files correctly, just
as if it where a japanese PS printer.

If your printer (or printer driver) does not know those fonts, printing
will fail (it will output ASCII chars, as you described).  There is,
however a simple way around that: Use `gs' as a filter to process your
postscript file, before sending it to your printer.  There is already a
shell script which manages that: ps2ps.  (see man 1 ps2ps).  ps2ps will
embed fonts which are not standard on usual postscript printers into the
postscript file (you should notice that your file grows very much in
size).  BTW ps2pdf is also driven by `gs', so my solution isn't much
different from what you did.

BTW after removing woody's non-free font packages, printing of japanese
doesn't work for me any more (at least not by for e2ps).  There are
however still free japanese fonts installed (wadalab and vflib fonts).
Does anybody know how I can configure gs to use those fonts instead?

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