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Re: [Debian Woody 3.0r2] Direct japanese text/mozilla printing will fail

On Fri, Jun 04, 2004 at 03:05:21PM +0200, Adrien wrote:
> Guillaume Estival wrote:
> >BTW, I still have some problem with printing (except for openoffice.org,
> >which works pretty well)
> >1. japanese text file direct printing (through lpr) don't work (looks
> >like an us-ascii file on the paper).
> >2. Japanese email (through mutt or sylpheed) don't work (same)
> >3. Mozilla printing, too.
> > 
> >
> I can just help you for the second one. Maybe you should add
> deb http://http.debian.or.jp/debian-jp unstable-jp main contrib non-free
> deb http://im-ja.sourceforge.net/ ./
> to your source.list
> I use canna to input japanese within terminals, and used kon2 to input 
> under the console. Therefor, you should be able to do it with mutt, as 
> long as you can input some japanese in your text editor (jvim, 

Huh well, it seems my english is far far unreadable.

I've already set up all of this, and displaying is great, on the
But I don't know how to print it, on paper, through a printer.
Well, in fact, I can print japanese pages, but through 2 convertors.

I'm very sorry I'm so unclear: I want to print japanese page on paper
with a printer, the simpliest way.

Guillaume "LoneWolf" Estival
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