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[Debian Woody 3.0r2] Direct japanese text/mozilla printing will fail


Even if I was learning japanese, I don't think I'm able to explain my
problem in japanese, I'm very sorry. Please excuse me, too, for my bad
english ;)

I've tryed for few years to have a full english japanese capable system,
with some results and fails.
Then, few days ago, I've installed a clean woody on my spare computer
and try japanese capable activation from scratch.

It works quite well, and the associated web page is here:
Any help for improvements is, of course, welcome.

BTW, I still have some problem with printing (except for openoffice.org,
which works pretty well)
1. japanese text file direct printing (through lpr) don't work (looks
like an us-ascii file on the paper).
2. Japanese email (through mutt or sylpheed) don't work (same)
3. Mozilla printing, too.

I use cups as a printer daemon, using HP4L cups driver version 1.1.

I've done some various searchs and found out a2psj to convert text files
into PostScript files. The resulted PS file will be correctly displayed
in gv, but the printing is still "us-ascii" like. And I've never found
out why.
Searching more and more over the web, I found ps2pdf, which convert a
PS file info a PDF one. And loading it through Acrobat reader (Linux
version), you can print it and - magic - it works!

So, for a text file, you need to convert into PS, and then, into PDF -
quite painful.

I've checked the list 1 year ago and found some information about Sid,
and someone who says it'll be easier to print under windows...

Is someone have a simplier way (than mine) to print japanese?

Thank you in advance.

PS: Mozilla 1.5 seems to have a glitch when the charset is not in
iso-2022-jp. To "print in a PS file" this web page
you need to force into iso-2022-jp charset, since this one
http://www.nichoume.com/ooo/tmp/FontNameList/FontNameList.html don't
need it. I've noticed the first one is an UTF8 page. I'll check the
bugzilla to see if the problem is fixed.
Guillaume "LoneWolf" Estival
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