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Re: Using Japanese in LaTeX

>>>>> "Jonah" == Jonah Sherman <jsherman@stuy.edu> writes:

> Sorry, I realize my past message was horribly undetailed.  I am
> running debian unstable, dist-upgraded as of the time this message is
> being written.  I tried the example in your other message, and I get
> the same problem, specifically that japanese characters do not show up
> at all in xdvi-ja.  In the example attached, "English" shows up in
> xdvi-ja, but the japanese does not.

According to what my package information say, my xdvi-ja was installed
from package `xdvik-ja', which uses vflib2 for font rendering.  And I
think, the fonts which vflib2 uses on my system come from packages
`ttf-kochi-gothic', `ttf-kochi-mincho'.  I'm not sure how vflib2 is
configured to find those fonts.  Might be done through Defoma, it worked
without interaction with my Debian Woody 3.0.  Your problem might be
that unstable just does what the name tells ;-)

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