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Re: Using Japanese in LaTeX

>>>>> "Jonah" == Jonah Sherman <jsherman@stuy.edu> writes:

> Hi, I was wondering if anyone could explain how I can typeset Japanese
> documents in LaTeX.  I tried the "jlatex" package that comes with
> debian, but with both that and regular latex, the japanese characters
> do not show up in the output.

Did you read the mail about jlatex that I sent some days ago?  "japanese
characters do not show up in the output" is not a very accurate problem
description.  Which output?  DVI, converted PS?  Which Viewers do you
use for DVI/PS?  It should only be a matter of getting the right font
packages installed.  Can you post a minimum example file which does not
work correctly with your system?  BTW which version of Debian you're

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