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Re: Can you read ja_JP.eucJP created mail

>   Installed: 1.4.0-4

I don't know if standard Mutt 1.4i will work correctly. I haven't tried it
yet. I know that 1.3i did not work correctly, which is why I got patches
from the Japanese mutt site. I notice that there are patches for 1.4 as
well, so its possible that 1.4i is still not doing everything correctly.

This talks about it: 

> > LANG="ja_JP.ujis"
> In Woody  "ja_JP.eucJP" is new way to write it.
> Yes I do this.
> > LC_TIME="C"
> OR even en_DK
> > LOCALE="ja_JP.ujis"
> What is last one do?

I think that my locales settings are left over from about 1999 >:) I am
running unstable - but I really haven't changed much since I got everything
working way back when. I don't think that locale= does anything different
than lang=

> I am more wondering how to to wrap line and reformat in VIM?
> In English, I can do "gq" inder visual mode.

Good question. I guess I do things the old fasion way. I just keep my rxvtml at
80 width :)

Maybe vim6 can be made to handle Japanese correctly and you could just use 
that? I currently do my line wrapping and reformatting by hand. Yeah, I'm a

I still prefer jvim, because it has onew? input - for the times when I am 
without a Japanese input system, but still have a terminal/japanese fonts.


  john wood
  systems administrator, gmo inc 

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