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Re: Can you read ja_JP.eucJP created mail

On Thu, Nov 07, 2002 at 10:07:35AM +0900, John Wood wrote:
> Good question. I guess I do things the old fasion way. I just keep my rxvtml at
> 80 width :)

So do I now.

> Maybe vim6 can be made to handle Japanese correctly and you could just use 
> that? I currently do my line wrapping and reformatting by hand. Yeah, I'm a
> dork.

It works but erasing 2 byte character cause problem.  JVIM fix it.
JVIM 3.0-j2.1a is one I use

> I still prefer jvim, because it has onew? input - for the times when I am 
> without a Japanese input system, but still have a terminal/japanese fonts.

What the hell is onew ??? Is this pan on Japanese word? 

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