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Re: Japanese printing... maybe works?

Sebastien L. wrote:
Resolved the postscript output problem... lpr was installed and CUPS was installed with lp client, not lpr. Uninstalled the lpr system, installed the BSD client. Can now print again.

However, bad news. Seems that gs actually displaying the japanese characters doesn't make a lick of difference. When I print (with lp or lpr), I still get the boxes instead of the characters. *sigh*. Since this is after a virgin install with the additional packages that junichi said to install (cmap adobe japan, ttf-kochi fonts, and gs-cjk-resource were not installed even after selecting task-japanese), I for one would conclude that japanese printing under debian is broken in some way.
Any suggestions for now?

Sebastien L.

It is not broken. It works with me (after following Junichi's
instructions). Well, it may be a little bit broken. The examples
in /usr/share/doc/gs/examples/cjk work only partly. But I can
print everything Japanese (and Western).

I have lprng and magicfilter, no cups (cups is a little bit too
difficult for me). Magicfilter set up by means of
/usr/sbin/magicfilterconfig. Works fine. Maybe you did not run

Boxes with Japanese mozilla print:

-- if mozilla is started in a "C" (default) environment, bodies of
   Japanese mail messages are printed correctly, but headers are
   printed as boxes. In the "C" environment, mozilla only produces
   "half correct" Postscript it seems. I tend to think this is a
   mozilla bug.
-- if mozilla is started in a "LANG=ja_JP" environment, also the
   headers are printed correctly.

Task-Japanese (IIRC; or I may mean user-ja), changes your entire
environment to Japanese (including texts in menus etc.), which
gaijin users normally don't want. It changes all sorts of dot
files in your home directory. You don't need it. Its effects can
be undone (IIRC) by means of user-ja-conf.

Don't give up; success is near. Regards, Jan

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