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  Japanese printing is now working fine. Here is what I did to make it 

  1) Install virgin debian system with japanese support (task-japanese)
  2) Install Junichi-san's recommended packages (ttf-kochi fonts, 
     cmap-adobe-japan1, gs-cjk-resource, + others).
  3) Install CUPS and gimp-print drivers for stylus c80
  4) Not get any japanese printout. Talk to Jan Willem-san, see that 
     he uses lprng and magicfilter for printing.
  5) Install lprng and magicfilter. Realise that ghostscript doesn't
     have printer drivers for epson stylus c80. Chose an epson stylus
     color driver.
  6) Print raw text ok, anything filtered through ghostscript comes 
     out as garbage (not raw postscript, but garbage characters + 
     form feeds).
  7) Get depressed. Search the web some more. Find another set of 
     printer drivers (turboprint) that works with lprng + epson 
     stylus and such.
  8) Install said drivers. Print. Get same garbage.
  9) Realize that I didn't specify correct printer. Specify printer, 
     get japanese output!

So I guess the magic combination really is lprng and magicfilter. CUPS 
doesn't seem to like printing japanese at all. I just had to find proper 
print drivers because ghostscript can't use my printer by itself.

Well, thanks for all the help guys. Maybe we should file a CUPS bug 
report now or something? Or at least make the discoveries known so other 
people can setup printing more easily now.

Well, Thanks again.

Sebastien L.

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