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Japanese printing... maybe works?

Hi all,

  Just a small note to say that I've finally reinstalled my linux system.
As far as japanese printing goes... Well, I don't know yet. I do know 
that gs can display japanese characters fine now, which probably means 
printing them _should_ work. Only problem is, mozilla now prints out 
the raw postscript instead of the formatted output. *sigh*. I had this 
problem with gimp before, I think it was because of a -raw option on
lpr or something like that. Mozilla doesn't use that, just straight lpr. 

  I know this is not strictly related to japanese on debian, but I 
figured you guys have enough knowledge about linux printing that you 
could give me a pointer or two :) Meanwhile, I'm pulling off searches 
on google groups and not getting much useful information back.

  Well, I'll keep trying.

Sebastien L.

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