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Re: Fw: Does MULE require canna and/or wnn?

Hi. I read your mail on debian-japanese@lists.debian.org.

In article <[🔎] 19990629095102N.maehara@master.debian.or.jp>
 Keita Maehara <maehara@debian.org> writes:

>  What I need to know is whether it's true, as the current
>  xemacs21-mule package description states, that the binary with only
>  Mule and no canna or wnn will not be useful for input of non-european
>  text, but can only be used to read it.  Is there a way in XEmacs that
>  a person can type Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic,
>  or what have you?  Does it work "out of the box", or will it require
>  some setups of some kind on my part? (to be provided by the Debian
>  packages I will produce.)

I don't have much experience of XEmacs, but I suppose that user can
type Japanese in XEmacs (with only Mule) using skk related packages.

# Or can not ? 

>  I understand that Canna, Wnn, kwnn, Egg, Xim, and those things are
>  for Asian languages...  I know very little about them, and by myself
>  have no clue how to even see if they work.  There's not a thing like
>  that for the other alphabets, so there must be a way folks can type
>  that stuff on a standard clatterboard.  Is that also true for the
>  Asian scripts?  I found lists in the "leim" directories that looks
>  like if you type a mnemonic set of ascii, it will insert an asian
>  character or something.  Maybe the mnemonic is phonetic?  Hmmm.
>  YTMAWBK[1].

Sorry, I can not understand, but,,, may be "ro-ma ji input" is
phonetic method. There are also "kana input", and it is another
phenetic (in Japanese, but not in English) method. There are also
complete no phonetic input method (like T-code) for Japanese, I think.

# sorry, I can not explain well.

>  Anyway, please try and give me whatever info yous think I'll need to
>  provide a working set of Mule packages for yous.  Perhaps I will need
>  hands-on assitance...  I have a CVS repository set up; I'm vendor
>  tracking cvs.xemacs.org, and keeping the Debian control stuff and a
>  few patches in the HEAD revsion.

>  What is the minimal set of "xemacs-packages/mule/**" stuff that the
>  xemacs21-mule* package ought to depend on?  (that is to say, which of
>  them must be installed for you to clatterboard at someone in your
>  native heiroglyphics?)

May be kawamura@debian.org can explain more detail. He is the maintainer
of skk related packages. or kitame@debian.org, he is XEmacs specialist
in Debian JP.


  Taketoshi Sano: <kgh12351@nifty.ne.jp>, <sano@debian.org>

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