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Fw: Does MULE require canna and/or wnn?

It seems this message was supposed to be posted to debian-japanese,
not to debian-jp which doesn't exist. So I'll foward it.

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 I'm the new maintainer of the XEmacs packages for Debian.  I'm an
 american, and speak only american english (with a northern midwest
 accent).  I cannot read your beautiful (and to me, exotic) alphabets
 at all.  I can almost hear separate words when I hear people speak a
 foriegn language, but that doesn't help much.

 There will be several packages, each providing a separate XEmacs
 editor binary.  One will be compiled as `nomule', with only
 "file-coding" support.  There are two others, as things are currently
 set up.  One is a Mule with no canna or wnn, and another is a Mule
 with both canna and wnn.  Both of those will be built with "xfs".
 (which makes KDE not set the face for the menubar, by the way.  I
 think that's KDE's buglet; it hasn't been taught about the resources
 for those menus, I guess.  Another project for someone out there.)

 What I need to know is whether it's true, as the current
 xemacs21-mule package description states, that the binary with only
 Mule and no canna or wnn will not be useful for input of non-european
 text, but can only be used to read it.  Is there a way in XEmacs that
 a person can type Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic,
 or what have you?  Does it work "out of the box", or will it require
 some setups of some kind on my part? (to be provided by the Debian
 packages I will produce.)

 I understand that Canna, Wnn, kwnn, Egg, Xim, and those things are
 for Asian languages...  I know very little about them, and by myself
 have no clue how to even see if they work.  There's not a thing like
 that for the other alphabets, so there must be a way folks can type
 that stuff on a standard clatterboard.  Is that also true for the
 Asian scripts?  I found lists in the "leim" directories that looks
 like if you type a mnemonic set of ascii, it will insert an asian
 character or something.  Maybe the mnemonic is phonetic?  Hmmm.

 Anyway, please try and give me whatever info yous think I'll need to
 provide a working set of Mule packages for yous.  Perhaps I will need
 hands-on assitance...  I have a CVS repository set up; I'm vendor
 tracking cvs.xemacs.org, and keeping the Debian control stuff and a
 few patches in the HEAD revsion.

 What is the minimal set of "xemacs-packages/mule/**" stuff that the
 xemacs21-mule* package ought to depend on?  (that is to say, which of
 them must be installed for you to clatterboard at someone in your
 native heiroglyphics?)

 (unafraid of being undiplomatic...  I stare at you like a child.)

[1]  You Tell Me And We'll Both Know.

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