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Re: "Japanese-speaking environment" for task selection


In article <19990508192712E.kmuto@isoternet.org>
 Kenshi Muto <kmuto@topstudio.co.jp> writes:

> I think following things are required for Japanese(Supposing all
> of "potato-jp" packages moved "potato" :-) ):
> 1.Base:
>   Ex.
>    locale-ja
>    bug-ja(need?)
>    kon2(and konfont)
>    dpkg-doc-ja(but,user must run "kon2" program on console... or
>   japanized framebuffer?)

Since japanese console n frame buffer device have not developped
enoughly, we may have to use kon2 & konfont for potato.

locale-ja, kon2 / konfont, and man-db with the feature of
display for Japanese manpages (we must express that there are strong needs 
the patch applied man-db package if the man-db package would not use the
ukai's patch. Or we must provide separate man-db-ja package in potato)

Off course, manpages-ja should be included.

> 2.Japanese input methods:
>   Ex.
>    canna or wnn
>    kinput2 (needs X)

I prefer skkinput (with canna).

> 3.Japanese Editor/Pager:
>   Ex.
>    nvi-m17n | jvim

I uploaded jvim. Since the lisence problem is cleared,
the next revision of package should be installed into main of potato.

>    (Emacs | XEmacs)?

I currently prefer emacs, but I know there are much needs of xemacs.

>    jless
>    jgroff

These two should be included Base for JP Selection, I think.

> 4.Japanese X tools:
>   Ex.
>    xf86setup-ja(Hmm,if original xf86setup package supports japanese
> correctly,this is not need..)

It may be the problem of tcl/tk, perhaps you should not blame at 
the original XFree86 code. (the way of linking libraries of package 
may be the key to solve the problem,,,)

>    kterm | rxvt-ml
>    tk8.0-ja
>    tcl8.0-ja
>    xfonts-cjk
> 5.Documents:
>   Ex.
>    man-db-ja
>    doc-debian-ja
>    doc-linux-ja
man-db-ja can be merged into man-db if the ukai's patch is 
applied to man-db. I hope that.

> Do you want to include japanese TeX system in task selection?
>   [I think TeX system is too fat,and good TeX packages(xdvi,
>   dvipsk,...) are located in non-free.]

How about ghostscript-ja ?

> Do you think what is the best window-manager for japanese?
>   [Hmm..., afterstep-i18n? wmaker? enlightenment? etc..]

I prefer asclassic, but some problem I encountered,,,
(I must trace the cause of the problem, but I can not do it now)

  Taketoshi Sano: <kgh12351@nifty.ne.jp>

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