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Re: Fw: Does MULE require canna and/or wnn?

From: Taketoshi Sano <xlj06203@nifty.ne.jp>
Subject: Re: Fw: Does MULE require canna and/or wnn?
Date: 29 Jun 1999 22:30:56 +0900

> >  What I need to know is whether it's true, as the current
> >  xemacs21-mule package description states, that the binary with only
> >  Mule and no canna or wnn will not be useful for input of non-european
> >  text, but can only be used to read it.  Is there a way in XEmacs that
> >  a person can type Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic,
> >  or what have you?  Does it work "out of the box", or will it require
> >  some setups of some kind on my part? (to be provided by the Debian
> >  packages I will produce.)
> I don't have much experience of XEmacs, but I suppose that user can
> type Japanese in XEmacs (with only Mule) using skk related packages.

Yes, they can use skk to input Japanese on mule-enabled xemacs

> >  What is the minimal set of "xemacs-packages/mule/**" stuff that the
> >  xemacs21-mule* package ought to depend on?  (that is to say, which of
> >  them must be installed for you to clatterboard at someone in your
> >  native heiroglyphics?)
> May be kawamura@debian.org can explain more detail. He is the maintainer
> of skk related packages. or kitame@debian.org, he is XEmacs specialist
> in Debian JP.

All mule-enabled xemacs should depend on "mule-base" at
least. Additionally xemacs with Wnn support should depend on
"egg-its".  Canna-related code is included in "mule-base" so xemacs
with Canna support requires no additional xemacs packages.

IIRC, Wnn support of xemacs20 was only for Japanese but now xemacs21
supports cWnn (for Chinese) and kWnn (for Korean). So it might be
better to split canna-wnn package into canna-only and wnn-only (and
hopefully both canna and wnn) packages because Canna support is only
for Japanese and requires extra debian package "libcanna1g", which is
not needed for Chinese or Korean users.

Keita Maehara <maehara@debian.org>

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