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Re: [sid] stampa dal browser

Dalla documentazione online di Xprint, sembra che occorra esportare la
variabile XPRINTER:
Il problema è: dove andare a mettere questo export???

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How do I configure Xprint on the client side ?
A: There are two env vars which control Xprint on the client side:
2. The env variable ${XPRINTER} defines the default printer used by
   print applications. The syntax is either <printername> or

  % export XPRINTER=ps003
            tells an application to look for the first printer named
            "ps003" on all Xprt servers.
  % export XPRINTER="hplaser19@littlecat:80"
            tells an application to look for the printer "hplaser19" on
            the Xprt display "littlecat:80".
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