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Re: compilare il kernel (che cose serve)

Alle 15:35, lunedì 23 febbraio 2004, Massimiliano Masserelli ha scritto:
> Ma non viene fatto in automatico.

Qlcs del genere nel kernel nuovo però c'è:

   This option enables the complete Linux kernel ".config" file                                                        
   contents, information on compiler used to build the kernel,                                                         
   kernel running when this kernel was built and kernel version                                                        
   from Makefile to be saved in the kernel. It provides documentation                                                  
   of which kernel options are used in a running kernel or in an                                                       
   on-disk kernel.  This information can be extracted from the kernel                                                  
   image file with the script scripts/extract-ikconfig and used as                                                     
   input to rebuild the current kernel or to build another kernel.                                                     
   It can also be extracted from a running kernel by reading                                                           
   /proc/config.gz and /proc/config_built_with, if enabled (below).                                                    
   /proc/config.gz will list the configuration that was used                                                           
   to build the kernel and /proc/config_built_with will list                                                           
   information on the compiler and host machine that was used to                                                       
   build the kernel.

Forse i manutentori Debian hanno implementato qlcs del genere in 
Marco Valli - running Debian GNU/Linux
http://www.filiarmonici.org - per un mondo senza galere

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