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Re: [OT] Hacking a screwed up 3C17701 (4924) from GNU/Linux

On Mon, Jan 16, 2012 at 04:20:53PM +0100, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> But now, the Webinterface does not more work...
> If I am right, a fucking jacascipt check for the Netscape (!!!)  version
> and refuse anything which does not match.  I have only  the  two  frames
> without content.

Two possibly useful suggestions...

1) Firefox with User Agent Switcher plugin, define an appropriate
   custom user agent string.
2) Opera's "View Source" function allows you to edit the page source
   code and re-render the edited version. I have used this to bypass
   javascript version checks that use inline scripts and it also 
   makes it possible to correct HTML which is not correctly rendered.


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