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Re: [OT] CPU Cooler for 1U (AMD Athlon XP 3000+)

Hello Norbert Kiszka,

Was my last message gonne to  you  directly?   Then  sorry,  it  was  an
accident because normaly I respond always to list!

Am 2011-07-24 14:42:51, hacktest Du folgendes herunter:
> I think, 1U can be problematic - maybe some big vent hole for bigger cooler?

Not possibel, because I have only a 12U rack and with the  Switch  (1U),
UPS (3U), Intranet Server (4U) and three Workstations (2x 1U, 1x 2U)  it
is now full...

> Or... recombine other (1U) cooler. Personally, I would try with AM2 -
> maybe it match with K7 without modifications.

I will try it, but unfortunately I have not found a  schematik  for  the
mounting holes, so I can not check this...

> In some cases (too big cooler), is necessary to resolder some capacitors
> in other place(solder plice or on SHORT wires - with glue when it
> fly..)/position(for ex. horizontally instead of vertically). Anyway,
> think over before You do that, and remember to check capacitor
> polarization.

I do not think it is neccesary, because I have the 4 mountig holes for a
passive cooler on the Mainboard and much space arround.  Grmpf!  I  have
a bunch of Xeon Cooler here, which would fit the height, but  they  have
two centric screws which logicaly do not fit the Asus Mainboard.

> In case of capacitor replace (new instead of old one), use 85C or low
> esr - second thing is better but is more difficult to buy (certainly in
> Poland) - it can be take from some other device, but better when is not
> older than 3-4 years and cannot be NOT used more than half of year -
> monthly not used (new and old) electrolytic capacitor can work "bad",
> especially on some first hours or some days. In rare cases, tantalum
> will be good or very good.

Yeah, soldering the Mainboard seems to be  cheaper  then  buying  a  new
Dual-Head Graphik Card (>400 Euro) and if I realy do not find a suitable
Heatsink, I use one from the Electronic Shop...  and make my own one but
the Problem is, they are all Alu-Heatsinks and not Cooper.

My BIG Arctic Cooling Cooper-Lite has 0.48°C/W and it has 80x78mm  which
is much smaller then the space available for the 4  mounting  holes  and
the 1U chassis has enough placements for 40x40mm fans which  blow  fresh
air over the passive cooler...

Now I go to my Office in Kehl and will try something with this pig.

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day/Evening
    Michelle Konzack

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