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Re: x345 and new drives with data

On Wednesday 19 of January 2011, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> > If I understand you right, you just plugged the disk into the machine but
> > didn't configure it in anyway and therefore it isn't part of any array,
> > right?
> No, when I started the ServRAID CD, I jumped over the  point,  where  it
> ask, whether the erase all drives to start a new configuration.

OK. Sorry then for causing confusion. I must have mistaken it with situation 
from older version, or even another controller. My bad.
> > But you say that you see a disk but no partitions. So I'm a bit puzzled
> > what do you see and what you don't see.
> It is REALY empty as someone has "shred" the drive  entirely.  But  this
> can not be, since I simple CPU failure on the old NEC Server  would  not
> do such damage.

Indeed it seems strange. If you have another spare drive lying around you 
could try plugging it in after having written something to it on another 
computer so you could determine whether the controller is really seeing the 
data as it should when you are 100% sure the data is there.
The whole situation seems strange I admit. Even if it was the same case as I 
had with some HP equipment ages ago (HP disks would only work with HP 
controller, not with any other one), the disk would not show up at all.
I don't know what are your hardware resources but I'd try to plug the disk 
into another computer and if everything else fails, copy the data over the 
network. I know it ain't most efficient way but at least it should work ;-)

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