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Re: x345 and new drives with data

On Monday 17 of January 2011, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Hello IBM eServer experts,
> Now I have used the ServRAID CD to setup my system and it just works.
> I have left one bay spare, because I have to  copy  data  from  existing
> drives, but now I have encountered a problem:
> The server was off when I put the drive  into  Bay6  (ID5)  and  then  I
> bootet the ServRAID  CD.  The  setup  recommended  not  to  do  anything
> (erasing the drives).
> I have added the new drive and rebooted the machine..
> Oops...  No partition anymore.
> Is this an errorr by me, the ServRAID CD or where the partiotions  lost,
> when my NEC was crashed?
> Currently I run gpart to recover the partitions, but  it  is  not  realy
> funny, on a 147 GByte drive

If I understand you right, you just plugged the disk into the machine but 
didn't configure it in anyway and therefore it isn't part of any array, right?
If I remember correctly, if you don't make a logical drive (in case of a 
single disk you have to make a degraded RAID-1 IIRC, or a single-disk RAID-0 - 
I'm not sure) from it, the controller won't show the disk to the OS.
But you say that you see a disk but no partitions. So I'm a bit puzzled what 
do you see and what you don't see.
As I understand, you have bays ID0-ID5 filled with new disks and you already 
configured your array and created logical disks which are seen by the OS ok, 
What else can you see from the OS? (and what does the RaidMan say? Can be run 
from OS, or from the ServeRAID support CD - results should be the same :->).
Or maybe I'm misunderstanding something, please clarify then :-)


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