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Re: veryPC, Seagate, raid - caught in the middle

On Friday 06 August 2010 13:29:46 Thomas Goirand wrote:
> You may also want to check for the power of you
> HDD. If it is underpowered, the what you describe
> can happen. The way to check is to see if there is
> some variation in the 12 V, so you would put a tiny
> cheap voltmetre in the alternative mode (sorry, not
> 100 percent sure of how to write this in en). Then
> it should display zero if there's no issue. When
> you do the test, make sure you load the server (both
> cpu, ram an hdd activity: "apt-get install stress"
> to do this). As you are running a twin server, you
> will have to put both under load.

When I googled it first I somewhere found a bout power problems causing sporadic failures like these but then I spoke to the manufacturers and they said the power supply on the machines was pretty much oversized (I don't remember the exact numbers - maybe 750 and each machine would need a max of 300). 

I have a munin graph of voltages from sensors and that looks fine - the 12V and all the others look totally stable. Would you trust this?


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