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Re: veryPC, Seagate, raid - caught in the middle

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> On Friday 06 August 2010 07:49:08 kalpesh thaker wrote:
> > Hi Mimo,
> > 
> > I have had similar issues to this. it happened some time back,
> > however,   i had a raid 0 setup, of which data became
> > inconsistent very often...and i got endless array failures.

You may also want to check for the power of you
HDD. If it is underpowered, the what you describe
can happen. The way to check is to see if there is
some variation in the 12 V, so you would put a tiny
cheap voltmetre in the alternative mode (sorry, not
100 percent sure of how to write this in en). Then
it should display zero if there's no issue. When
you do the test, make sure you load the server (both
cpu, ram an hdd activity: "apt-get install stress"
to do this). As you are running a twin server, you
will have to put both under load.

This isn't rocket science, but it saved me once at
least, and with the above, you'll make sure it's not
a power issue, and you'll go for further
investigation keeping in mind it wasn't a power

I hope this helps,


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