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Re: veryPC, Seagate, raid - caught in the middle

Hi Kalpesh

thanks for your suggestions. I guess I was wondering how it's possible - among - other things - for one partition on a disk to fail and the others to remain intact and whether anyone else had seen that before or whether that was my fault setting it up like that. 
Also, I'm wondering what sort of experience others have with using laptop 2.5" drives rather than server class ones. Maybe that's where I went wrong. 
You mention the SATA backplane - what is that? Also, I think it's strange that different drives show problems..

Anyway thanks a lot 


On Friday 06 August 2010 07:49:08 kalpesh thaker wrote:
> Hi Mimo,
> I have had similar issues to this. it happened some time back, however, 
> i had a raid 0 setup, of which data became
> inconsistent very often...and i got endless array failures.
> Naturally, i replaced the drives, after which the same issue happened 
> some weeks later. it took me a while to figure out
> my problem, which in the end was a faulty SATA Raid backplane. Once i 
> had changed that, everything ran fine.
> Depending on what type of machine you are using, id recommend trying 
> another backplane, or replacing the
> SATA cables. If this machine is fairly old, i'd also recommend removing 
> the backplane and spraying the internal
> and external connectors with compressed air to remove any dust that 
> sometimes settles there. Also, make sure that
> your servers are well ventilated, and that the drives are not 
> overheating. If all else if fine, then i'd agree that
> your motherboard might be faulty.
> In my case of the 'faulty' drives, i was advised by our hardware 
> supplier to run a diagnostic on the drives,
> using Seagate Seatools before sending them back for warranty 
> replacement. Ironically, Seatools had passed all
> the drives on the extended tests, and to verify, the drives did actually 
> run fine in another machine.

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