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Re: veryPC, Seagate, raid - caught in the middle

On Saturday 07 Aug 2010 06:24:12 Seth Mattinen wrote:
> Don't ever use the WD green drives for servers.

WDs is what came with the machine from the manufacturers of the server - it's also what they "sort of" recommended. Sort of - because they still haven't told me which drives they have tested to work in their machines...

But interesting, because before putting in the 4 Seagate drives I took out two WDs (again these came with the box) and one of them was actully broken by the time I got it back to the office and is now being replaced by WD as it still was under warranty. 

Maybe.. the server manufacturers shouldn't have put laptop drives into their box in the first place. I mean it sort of implies that you can do that doesn't it? 
The whole story though makes me not want to buy from small start-up companies ever again. Just seems they can't afford testing their gear properly and after sales support mainly happens by writing to their MD....


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