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RE: Linksys SLM224 or 2024

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From: Seth Mattinen [mailto:sethm@rollernet.us] 
Sent: Thursday, October 15, 2009 11:33 AM
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Subject: Re: Linksys SLM224 or 2024

>Thomas Goirand wrote:
>> Leonardo Boselli wrote:
>>> I have a problem with both these switches:
>>> if i try to connect to web management whith firefox, either from
linux or 
>>> windowsXP, i do not go further than authentication, then having the 
>>> background, then nothing ...
>>> same with konqueror or opera.
>>> I thing there is some problem in js interpretation. has some one
>>> in managing such switches fron non MS browsers ?
>> This switch admin web interface is just so bad, it's just a joke.
>> people complained about the bad web interface compatibility.
>> In fact, it's so buggy and wrongly coded, that it only works with
>> not even with IE7 and IE8. Worth: linksys does not seem to care about
>> the issue, according to the forum.
>> Boycott the product, send it back to your reseller, and get a real
>> switch from other brands...
> Don't get a Cisco Catalyst Express, though. I've been really happy
> HP's ProCurve switches as a substitute for Cisco in many cases and
> they're less expensive.
> Seth

Not the least bit surprising. I have a Netgear FS728TS where the web
interface only worked in IE6 for the longest time, until a firmware
updated added Firefox support.

That was for home use though - there is a lot of decent Cisco gear on
eBay if that's your thing. Personally I've found HP's lower-end ProCurve
switches very braindead in terms of features and administration.


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