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Re: Linksys SLM224 or 2024

Leonardo Boselli wrote:
> I have a problem with both these switches:
> if i try to connect to web management whith firefox, either from linux or 
> windowsXP, i do not go further than authentication, then having the 
> background, then nothing ...
> same with konqueror or opera.
> I thing there is some problem in js interpretation. has some one succeeded 
> in managing such switches fron non MS browsers ?

This switch admin web interface is just so bad, it's just a joke. Many
people complained about the bad web interface compatibility.

In fact, it's so buggy and wrongly coded, that it only works with IE6,
not even with IE7 and IE8. Worth: linksys does not seem to care about
the issue, according to the forum.

Boycott the product, send it back to your reseller, and get a real
switch from other brands...


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