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Re: Linksys SLM224 or 2024

Seth Mattinen wrote:
> Don't get a Cisco Catalyst Express, though. I've been really happy with
> HP's ProCurve switches as a substitute for Cisco in many cases and
> they're less expensive.
> Seth

I've been very happy as well with an HP Procurve 2810-48 that someone
here recommended. It had to suffer few DDoS attack, and it never failed,
even with all the gigabit ports being 70% used...

The only thing I dislike is that it takes a bit too much time for the
switch to learn new IP <-> mac things. Like, when switching ports, it
takes quite some time for the switch to learn it (maybe over 5
minutes?). Also, having a byte counter in 32 bits is quite silly...

Apart from that, so far, so good.


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