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Re: How to configure apache-ssl to offer the Cert to install?

> Am 2009-09-11 11:44:31, schrieb Benjamin Hackl:
> > I think that's not possible unless you write some browser-plugin.  Self
> > signed certificates are not installed automatically,

On 11.09.09 14:01, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> What is a self signed Certificate?  My OWN CA  use  another  Domain  and
> another cert as the one from my network...
> Where is the difference between THIS and Verisign or others.

the main difference is, that nearly everybody has verisign certificate(s)

> > I suggest getting certificates from trusted CA-authorities (Geotrust,
> > Verisign, Thawte, Godaddy, etc). You also may be interested in wildcard
> > domain certificates, if you have a lot of subdomains.
> NEVER!  --  My three Certs where falsified to DOS my network because the
> "Neda" problem with Iran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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