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This is that company in Michigan with the H1N1, Staph/MRSA kit


We need to get this product out to the medical field and heath care.  For the prevention of H1N1, staph/MRSA and TB.

This product is not just a cleaner it goes beyond and Protects by eliminating microorganisms

If you are in the medical field or know someone that is sign up to be a distributor and sell the #1 needed product on the market

We have the only EPA approve kit (perfect for scrubs, linens and hard surfaces).

This is a great kit if you or a loved one just had a procedure or are still recovering from it.

Inhibits the growth of bacteria 24/7 for months on

When you are ready to order click on this link https://www.keygreenworld.com/purchaseProducts.asp and enter ID# 87474009


We are also looking for distributors for your area

What are not an MLM, Pyrimid or have a downline we just want you to sell and make money)

We also carry a Green line of plant based cleaning products




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