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Re: tunnel between two debian hosts not working

On Sun, 26 Jul 2009 10:08:07 +0100
Stephen Gran <sgran@debian.org> wrote:

> This one time, at band camp, Clayton said:
> > Hi guys,
> > 
> > Works great for a shell account I have on a US FreeBSD-based hosting
> > service where I have some websites, therefore I believe my Debian
> > (Testing) SSH client is not the problem. However, my own Debian
> > server (also Testing dist) does not work. (Even odder, I swear it
> > worked the first day I tried it, then it stopped working without
> > any configuration change on either end. I challenged the provider
> > of my data center, and they said "we are not doing anything to
> > block you".)
> Have you tried diffing the config files?  It looks off hand like one
> of the tunnel option ssh_configs is disabled in the Debian machine and
> enabled on the BSD machine.

Wish I could, but I don't have root on the FreeBSD machine,
and /etc/ssh only contains ssh_config, sshd_config seems to be hidden. I
would ask them, but they have been cranky since they were hacked
recently and I am a mere user on that machine.

On my own server, I have already added a 

PermitTunnel       yes

line, as that seemed the obvious (but insufficient) thing to try.

Don't suppose anyone has a working sshd_config that they can share?


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