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Re: Fw: tunnel between two debian hosts not working not working

Clayton wrote:
> "debug1: Entering interactive session."
> then an attempt to browse to a web site which fails with
> "channel 1: open failed: administratively prohibited: open failed"
> I repeat, the same ssh client works with another server. Google is not
> helpful so far, and I have yet to stumble on the magical recipe to get
> this working server-side.
> I suspect I am bumping into some kind of security default, but what? Any
> clues to what may be going wrong?
> Thanks,
> Clayton

I believe that you have ssh port forwarding / tunneling disabled in your
sshd_config. Check for it, especially AllowTcpForwarding.

By the way, you shouldn't advertise on a public list that you are doing
such thing as bypassing the great firewall of China...


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