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Re[2]: ISPmail Lenny tutorial ready


Thomas wrote:
> On top of what you describe above, our panel does:
> - tumgreyspf
> - dkimproxy (filtering and scanning)
> - some basic DSL stop rules (major source of spam)
> - basic header and body checks
> - delivery in a SPAM imap box (using maildrop)
> - vacation messages
> - mailbox quota
> - SMTP and pop3 traffic accounting in real time (if using courier)
> - MLMMJ lists management

As a half-year user of DTC, I can confirm every word of Thomas's email :)
It can't be easier than using his control panel to setup a complete hosting-like environment in less than an hour.
I'm thinking of adding Ukrainian translation to DTC, and then maybe starting a custom branch for my (yet single) server.


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