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Re: Re[2]: ISPmail Lenny tutorial ready

2009/7/18 Bogdan <do.IT@i.ua>

As a half-year user of DTC, I can confirm every word of Thomas's email :)
It can't be easier than using his control panel to setup a complete hosting-like environment in less than an hour.
I'm thinking of adding Ukrainian translation to DTC, and then maybe starting a custom branch for my (yet single) server.

What i love ISPmail for is a "tutoriality" of it.

I've learned some basics of creating enterprise linux email system after doing this howto. I'm big fan of Christoph though ;) as I find it very important (i recommended etch tutorial for many friends ,saying that they will understand more than just configuring postfix and spamassasin)


Wojciech Ziniewicz

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