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Re: lenny rant

Jonathan Yu wrote:
> Thomas:
> It would seem that mpm-itk can't prefork, since it doesn't know what
> requests it will serve and thus doesn't know what user to switch to.
> If the servers did pre-fork, they would have to remain running as root
> until they get a request, so that they know what uid to downgrade to.
> One idea would be to fork children with a bunch of threads, each under
> a different uid/gid, then pass off requests to those children. This is
> essentially what mpm-prefork used to do. However, that module is no
> longer maintained and I think was removed from apache2.2 (it existed
> in apache2.0).
> There is a big warning on the doc page for that module too saying that
> it doesn't work.
> Hope this helps clarify some things.

It does, thanks Jonathan.


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