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Re: lenny rant

Adrian Minta wrote:
> Michael Moritz wrote:
>> On Wednesday 15 April 2009 02:50:30 Craig Sanders wrote:
>> > BTW, performance is roughly equivalent to apache2-mpm-prefork. AFAIK,
>> > php still doesn't work properly under the threading mpms (not that
>> > there's that much performance difference on linux between threaded and
>> > pre-forking apaches - fork on linux is very lightweight).
>> We did some benchmarking of apache2-mpm-prefork vs apache2-mpm-itk.
>> Our results back then were roughly that apache2-mpm-prefork with php
>> is twice as fast as the itk and when serving static content about 20
>> times faster -- see for instance
>> http://chtekk.longitekk.com/index.php?/archives/22-Speeding-up-MPM-itk.html
>> mm
> In real world the situations is a bit better. The web browser doesn't
> close and reopen the connection for every element on the page. Instead
> uses the same connection for all the other requests to the webserver. So
> after the initial fork the rest of the page and the following pages are
> served from the already forked child.

Hold on you all here... I hear so many times "fork fork fork". But a
correctly configured Apache should NOT fork that much, and have
processes already there. Is it that itk doesn't "pre-fork" at all?


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