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Re: lenny rant

Michael Moritz wrote:
On Wednesday 15 April 2009 02:50:30 Craig Sanders wrote:
> BTW, performance is roughly equivalent to apache2-mpm-prefork. AFAIK,
> php still doesn't work properly under the threading mpms (not that
> there's that much performance difference on linux between threaded and
> pre-forking apaches - fork on linux is very lightweight).

We did some benchmarking of apache2-mpm-prefork vs apache2-mpm-itk. Our results back then were roughly that apache2-mpm-prefork with php is twice as fast as the itk and when serving static content about 20 times faster -- see for instance


In real world the situations is a bit better. The web browser doesn't
close and reopen the connection for every element on the page. Instead
uses the same connection for all the other requests to the webserver. So
after the initial fork the rest of the page and the following pages are
served from the already forked child.

Best regards,
Adrian Minta

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