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Re: How to setup a PPPoE Server?

2009/3/20 Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@tamay-dogan.net>:
> Hello Seth and Wojciech,
> I am reading  the  <http://www.freeantennas.com/PPPoE-Server-HOWTO.html>
> and the author is writing about the same...

> He is talking about 2 MHz on the CPU and 2 MByte  of  memory  per  PPPoE
> connection but it seems there is a bug if ppp must handel more then  254
> clients.

It's good estimation but it may vary . It depends on hardware mainly..

> Since I can have up to 6 WaveLAN  channels  (each  arround  3 Mbit)  per
> location in parallel and the customers will have 3/1 or 6/1 Mbit  access
> results in 300 to 600 clients...
> Hmmm, I have some VIA EDEN MiniITX (Dual-Ethernet  1000 Mbit,  1400 MHz,
> 2 GByte of memory) and I can try something.... but how  to  install  the
> rp-pppoe redunant?

Not redundant but in HA manner . Creating pppoe cluster is VERY simple.
you just add another pppoe server . that's all.
To illustrate how it will work - mainly like dhcp server - clients
that are sending dhcp request (in this case it's called PADI) are
chosing the dhcp server that answers first and in case of two, three
or more servers standing in the same rack - those servers will
"naturally" balance the load between themselves.
The only "configuration" thing that You have to have in mind is to
change the session identifier on servers. It would be for example
1-1000 on first pppoe server and 1001-2000 on the second and so on. IT
works very well. If one box becomes unstable or terminates the
connection, the rest of the boxes take it's role.

> I do not understand this part...
>> But when it comes to decentralized pppoe server i would use mikrotik
>> routers .
> I think, my VIA Eden will do it (and consuming very less energy)

dunno via eden really ;) but probably You're right .

>> Both solutions work for me in networks up to several hundreds of
>> online users.
> How many concurent conenctions do you have to a singel rp-pppoe server?

200-400 normally on each pppoe-server  . There's no "254" limit .

Moreover the disclaimer saying that rp-pppoe is rather developer stuff
and it isn't recommended in production is simply crap. I know at least
several implementations of rp-pppoe for thousands of users with very
nice management panel and billing ( i do have one either ;) ) .

ONly problem that i had was with shaping the traffic - my boxes are
generating iptables rules on the basis of mysql info . So two problems
were :

a) reloading iptables rules for several hundreds hosts takes sometimes
few minutes so there's need to create sophisticated rules
b) tunning iptables rules  - bad iptables = bad performance  , it
really can take all resources and "system" cpu load can reach like
100% ;/

regards and good luck.

Wojciech Ziniewicz

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