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Re: How to setup a PPPoE Server?

2009/3/20 Seth Mattinen <sethm@rollernet.us>:
> Michelle Konzack wrote:
>> Hello,
>> For my network  (there  will  be  over  4000  customers)  I  need  PPPoE
>> authentification.  The customer database is a PostgreSQL.
>> Does someone know how to setup such network/server?
>> I could buy a CISCO but they are quiet expensive  and  I  do  not  know,
>> whether it can correctly conenct to my PostgreSQL user database.

I would simply use few debian boxes (cheap intel 1U entry servers) for
"natural" pppoe redundancy as pppoe gateways ( using rp-pppoe of
But when it comes to decentralized pppoe server i would use mikrotik routers .

Both solutions work for me in networks up to several hundreds of online users.


Wojciech Ziniewicz

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