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Re: Replacing a LVM / AoE / Infrastructure xen infrastruscture with an NFS based solution

Linux 2.6 NFS client is buggy, at best, in Debian 4.0 atleast. It doesn't always properly release locks is the biggest issue we've had in production. We haven't tried any new Linux 2.6 NFS server though.

--On December 3, 2008 2:46:34 PM +0100 Emmanuel Kasper <emmanuel.kasper@openforce.com> wrote:


I am managing a group of 20 xen domU which use the following storage

On the filer server each server has a LVM logical volume like
Then the logical volume is exported with Aoe whith a commande
/usr/sbin/vbladed 1 2 eth1 /dev/vg/myserver.root-partition

On a separate server, the xen domU config files
contains a line like
disk = ['phy:etherd/e1.1,sda1,w']

Finally the domU itself contains the fstab entry to mount the root

This works well, but I find the settings over complicated. I was thinking
of migrating to a simpler model where the xen domU mounts his file system
over NFS directly from a directory in the filer.

So insteaf of having LVM --> Aoe --> Xen config file --> domU fstab, I
would just have to specify the mount point in the domU fstab like
filer:/myserver/root when I have to provision a new domU.

The domU themeselves are running php/mysql webapps used internally, and
do not get more than 10-20 concurrent users, so I don't they are very
much I/O bound.

Is there anything that would speak against such a schema, apart the topic
of NFS security ?




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