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Re: bridging a gre tunnel to tap0 + vif21.0 (xen)

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Scott Edwards wrote:
> Eventually I would like to have two Ethernet interfaces, one for
> management, and another for xen domU's  I temporarly tried a usb
> ethernet adapter, but it didn't like bridging.  Turns out gre tunnels
> don't either?
> dom0:/etc/xen# brctl show
> bridge name     bridge id               STP enabled     interfaces
> xenbr0          8000.5292b96f833b       yes             tap0
>                                                         vif21.0
> dom0:/etc/xen# brctl addif xenbr0
> can't add xen2pyro to bridge xenbr0: Invalid argument
> My reasoning behind this is, forwarding momentarily stops when ever the
> bridge has an interface change (add/remove).  The time for stp to
> converge just drives me batty.

Do you need stp? I've found it usually causes more problems than it
solves so you could just shut it off.

> Is there another low overhead layer2 tunnel I can use?  Can I bridge to
> a vlan?  I have an intel 510T (old beast) that'll do vlans, but I don't
> think I have the management software (winblowz powered) to set anything up.

I think you should be able to bridge vlans, I know you can bridge to an
openvpn tap device.

> My primary goal at this point, would be to allow the gre tunnel to join
> the bridge.

I think your problem here is bridging is layer 2 and gre tunnels are
layer3. Do you need bridging? Could you just do layer 3 routing?

Tod Detre

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