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bridging a gre tunnel to tap0 + vif21.0 (xen)

Eventually I would like to have two Ethernet interfaces, one for management, and another for xen domU's  I temporarly tried a usb ethernet adapter, but it didn't like bridging.  Turns out gre tunnels don't either?

dom0:/etc/xen# brctl show
bridge name     bridge id               STP enabled     interfaces
xenbr0          8000.5292b96f833b       yes             tap0
dom0:/etc/xen# brctl addif xenbr0
can't add xen2pyro to bridge xenbr0: Invalid argument

My reasoning behind this is, forwarding momentarily stops when ever the bridge has an interface change (add/remove).  The time for stp to converge just drives me batty.

Is there another low overhead layer2 tunnel I can use?  Can I bridge to a vlan?  I have an intel 510T (old beast) that'll do vlans, but I don't think I have the management software (winblowz powered) to set anything up.

My primary goal at this point, would be to allow the gre tunnel to join the bridge.



note to self, this is RT379

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