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Re: ssh hangs

Thomas Goirand wrote:

This sounds like your /etc/resolv.conf is wrong, so you can't resolve
domain names. Remember that ssh will try to do a reverse DNS lookup, to
see what domain name you are using, and eventually use a ssh key. If you
can't resolve, this can take quite some time. So you might just WAIIIIT
for a long time, and it will work (my guess).
my next bet will be to try "ReverseMappingCheck no" tomorrow. but it works on any of my other setups without dns, although with a delay of several seconds.

also the other symptoms sound strange to me..even if DNS does not work i should be able use a mirror using ip numbers or retrieve a file with wget using an IP address. i tried this on other systems without a dns server and non-valid addresses and i can't seem to reproduce the problem.

Also, now that I see the problem, this sounds like a debian-user
question... :)
you might be right on that, but i'm not sure what its is.

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