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Re: job scheduling

--On September 12, 2008 7:22:23 PM +0200 Stefan <stefan@fuhrmann.homedns.org> wrote:

okay, thanks. You mean sometimes its better to use load- balancing rather
than  parallel- clustering?  Or use it in combination? How to made this
disition? Are there anywhere some parameters I can use?

I find condor also  a good solution.
Some of you use "condor" or "jobscheduler" in production and can tell me
about  his/ her experience ?

Probably not, since that form of job scheduling/management is almost universally not applicable to any type of workload an ISP does. You need to talk to people in bioinformatics or things like that. ISPs are usually mostly concerned with interactive/live load balancing, not job scheduling and queuing. If we're queuing jobs we're dead ;) Load balancers are real time devices, job schedulers and managers are non-real time devices. The former is useful when you have enough compute resources and the jobs are all small, the latter when the jobs are all large, or possibly when you really do not have enough compute resources to complete the tasks in real time, or when there's little or no requirement for interactivity. Very different animals from what ISPs use/need do. That said, billing systems can be handled by job scheduling/management, so can log analysis. But I doubt anyone does that here.


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